JavaScript on Inch CI

Let's raise the visibility of documentation!

The plan is for Inch CI to get JavaScript support in April. This might prove a challenge, since there aren't alot of structural similarities to Ruby and Elixir.

This is where you come in:

  • To help me build the best Inch for JavaScript, edit this list via GitHub and add your project.
  • Tweet about it, mentioning "@InchCI for JavaScript", encouraging others to join in our quest to help make inline-docs better in JS.
  • By doing so, you are so-to-speak "joining the private beta of Inch CI for JavaScript". [1]
  • I will create a badge for you and evaluate your project with the InchJS release candidate.
  • You get access to these badges before the general public (as a "thank you").
  • We can discuss how to make the evaluation better/more fair.

That's the plan.

What is this?

Inch CI is a software project I created to help people document their code. It provides badges to show off inline-docs: Inline docs

I really think that posting these badges in a project's README will benefit the project (because people can see that it's well documented) and the community by improving the visibility of documentation.

Wait, who are you?

I'm @rrrene, creator of sparkr and Inch.

If you have any questions or suggestions: I am on Twitter and reachable via email (mail in GitHub profile).

[1] Okay, technically you could always wait for the finished integration, but hey, think about what Open Source is all about: collaboration and community, getting the word out and being among the first to try new stuff.