What this is about ...

What is Inch CI?

This project is an attempt to raise the visibility of documentation in Open Source. It provides badges to include in your project's README, to show people that documenting code is a cool thing.

The badges are based on Inch and look like this: Inline docs Get yours below!

What is this "Inch"?

Inch is a documentation measurement tool for Ruby that was created to help people document their code. It is a command-line utility that gives grades based on how complete the docs are (screenshots).

What is the goal?

I really think that posting these badges in a project's README will benefit the project (because people can see that it's well documented) and the community by improving the visibility of documentation.

Let's start a discussion, let's raise the visibility of documentation, let's talk.

Which languages are supported?

Currently Inch supports Elixir, JavaScript, and Ruby. If your language of choice is not supported, create an issue or drop me a line on Twitter.

Wait, who's behind this?

I'm @rrrene, creator of sparkr and Inch.

If you have any questions or suggestions: Hit me up on Twitter or create an issue in the Inch CI project.

Simply type your GitHub username/reponame