Getting started

Inch CI is a hosted continuous integration service that evaluates inline code documentation for a variety of programming languages and is integrated with GitHub.

Supported languages at this point are:

  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Elixir

After evaluating your codebase, Inch CI reports grades for each class, module, method, function etc.

Step One: Add your project

Go to the homepage and enter your GitHub username/repo info to evaluate any Open Source project that uses any of the languages listed above.

Step Two: Add a badge

Inch CI provides badges, which can be added to project's READMEs to motivate aspiring developers to read the source code (because they can expect a certain amount of docs to be there).

The badges do not show numbers like "65,7% documented", but give a visual feedback on how much documentation there is in the code. Inline docs

Step Three: Hook your projects

Sign in via GitHub to add all your projects and activate hooks for automatic evaluation.