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* Defines the configuration for naive bayes text classifier. This
* must be called before attempting to [learn](#learn); in other words it can not be
* set once learning has started.
* @method NaiveBayesTextClassifier#defineConfig
* @param {object} cfg defines the configuration in terms of the following
* parameters:
* @param {boolean} [considerOnlyPresence=false] true indicates a binarized model.
* @param {number} [smoothingFactor=1] defines the value for additive smoothing.
* It can have any value between 0 and 1.
* @return {boolean} Always true.
* @example
* myClassifier.defineConfig( { considerOnlyPresence: true, smoothingFactor: 0.5 } );
* // -> true
* @throws Error if `cfg` is not a valid Javascript object, or `smoothingFactor` is invalid,
* or an attempt to define configuration is made after learning starts.
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