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Assign program information.

=== Examples

  # Set data
  program :name, 'Commander'
  program :version, Commander::VERSION
  program :description, 'Commander utility program.'
  program :help, 'Copyright', '2008 TJ Holowaychuk'
  program :help, 'Anything', 'You want'
  program :int_message 'Bye bye!'
  program :help_formatter, :compact
  program :help_formatter, Commander::HelpFormatter::TerminalCompact

  # Get data
  program :name # => 'Commander'

=== Keys

  :version         (required) Program version triple, ex: '0.0.1'
  :description     (required) Program description
  :name            Program name, defaults to basename of executable
  :help_formatter  Defaults to Commander::HelpFormatter::Terminal
  :help            Allows addition of arbitrary global help blocks
  :int_message     Message to display when interrupted (CTRL + C)
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