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Build a new URI from the given value.

  ExampleURI = 'com.example')
  uri = 'billing', resource: 'invoice', id: 'R422342')
  # => #<ExampleURI 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342'> 'billing', resource: 'invoice', id: 'R422342')
  # => #<ExampleURI 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342'>'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342')
  # => #<ExampleURI 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342'>

  # Appropriate URIs can be cast
  BillingURI = ExampleURI, context: 'billing') # => #<BillingURI 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342'>

  PayrollURI = ExampleURI, context: 'payroll') # => raises Studitemps::Utils::URI::Base::InvalidURI

@raise [InvalidURI] if value can not be converted to URI
@param [Base, Hash, String] value to build URI from
@return [Base] new URI from given value
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