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Build a new Studitemps URI class from some base class.
@example Basic usage
  require 'studitemps/utils/uri'
  ExampleURI = 'com.example') # => #<ExampleURI 'com.example'>
  uri = 'billing', resource: 'invoice', id: 'R422342')
  # => #<ExampleURI 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342'>
  uri.to_s # => 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342''com.example:billing:invoice:R422342')
  # => #<ExampleURI 'com.example:billing:invoice:R422342'>
@param [String] resource
  URI resrouce
@param [String] context
  URI context
@param [String] schema
  URI schema
@param [Base] from
  superclass to use
@return [Base] the new URI class
@since 0.1.0
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