simonewebdesign/elixir_pubsub Elixir pubsub

:droplet: Publish/Subscribe utility module

How-to get your Elixir docs badge

Need a hand?

If you need any help setting this up, just edit this file on GitHub and add your username/project.

I will in turn send you a pull request with your very own docs badge!

Setup via mix task

Be sure your working dir is clean and all changes are pushed to GitHub.

Include inch_ex in your dependencies in the mix.exs file:

defp deps do
  [{:inch_ex, only: :docs}]

After adding inch_ex simply run the following from your project directory:

$ MIX_ENV=docs mix do deps.get, inchci.add

and your project will be added to Inch CI.

Extended setup

To add your project to Inch CI and to re-evaluate your docs after Travis tests are run, you have to include inch_ex in your dependencies in the mix.exs file:

defp deps do
  [{:inch_ex, only: :docs}]

Your .travis.yml might look something like this:

language: elixir
  - 1.2
  - 18.0
  - 18.3

Simply add the following at the end of the file:

  - MIX_ENV=docs mix deps.get
  - MIX_ENV=docs mix

What this does is that your docs are evaluated at the end of your next Travis build.

Travis sends a report to Inch CI which then displays the results here (and generates a new badge).

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Let's raise the visibility of documentation in Open Source!

This page is for simonewebdesign/elixir_pubsub and is part of a project called "Inch CI", showing documentation measurements provided by Inch. Inch CI also provides a badge: (not counting low priority objects)

Can I have my own badges?

Sure! To get the badge for the project you are looking at, just click the badge next to the project name.

To register another project with Inch CI, just enter your username/repo on the homepage or sign in with GitHub!

What is the goal of this?

I really think that posting badges for documentation in READMEs will benefit you (because people can see that your project is well documented) and our community in general by improving the visibility of documentation.

Let's start a discussion, let's raise the visibility of documentation, let's talk.

Suggestions, feedback, critique: Hit me up on Twitter or via issue.