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This module contains functions that are used by several
consistency checks.

# On properties and property lists

Imagine a test that checks files for whether they use soft-tabs or hard-tabs
for indentation.

property_values in this case might be :spaces and :tabs

  {value, meta}

value can be anything imaginable, meta should contain a filename
(optionally with a line_no, trigger, etc.) or an AST

a `property_list` is simply a list of property_values

    {value, meta},
    {value, meta},

a property_tuple is a tuple of {property_list, source_file}

So in our example a property_tuple

    {[{:spaces, meta}, {:tabs, meta2}], %SourceFile{}}

which would indicate that the check on that SourceFile showed that it mixes
different indentation styles within one file.
No suggestions.
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.