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The names of local variables should not be the same as names of functions
or macros in the same module or in `Kernel`.


      def handle_something do
        time = 42
        IO.puts time  # not clear if we are talking about time/0 or time

      def time do

This might not seem like a big deal, especially for small functions.
But there is no downside to avoiding it, especially in the case of functions
with arity `/0` and Kernel functions.

True story: You might pattern match on a parameter geniusly called `node`.
Then you remove that match for some reason and rename the parameter to `_node`
because it is no longer used.
Later you reintroduce the pattern match on `node` but forget to also rename
`_node` and suddenly the match is actually against `Kernel.node/0` and has the
weirdest side effects.

This happens. I mean, to a friend of mine, it did. Who ... later told me.
No suggestions.
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.