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Fetches entries from one or multiple streams. Optionally blocking.

@example With a key
  redis.xread('mystream', '0-0')
@example With multiple keys
  redis.xread(%w[mystream1 mystream2], %w[0-0 0-0])
@example With count option
  redis.xread('mystream', '0-0', count: 2)
@example With block option
  redis.xread('mystream', '$', block: 1000)

@param keys  [Array<String>] one or multiple stream keys
@param ids   [Array<String>] one or multiple entry ids
@param count [Integer]       the number of entries as limit per stream
@param block [Integer]       the number of milliseconds as blocking timeout

@return [Hash{String => Hash{String => Hash}}] the entries
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