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Remove and get the first element in a list, or block until one is available.

@example With timeout
  list, element = redis.blpop("list", :timeout => 5)
    # => nil on timeout
    # => ["list", "element"] on success
@example Without timeout
  list, element = redis.blpop("list")
    # => ["list", "element"]
@example Blocking pop on multiple lists
  list, element = redis.blpop(["list", "another_list"])
    # => ["list", "element"]

@param [String, Array<String>] keys one or more keys to perform the
  blocking pop on
@param [Hash] options
  - `:timeout => Fixnum`: timeout in seconds, defaults to no timeout

@return [nil, [String, String]]
  - `nil` when the operation timed out
  - tuple of the list that was popped from and element was popped otherwise
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