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Defines a new Pry command.
@param [String, Regexp] match The start of invocations of this command.
@param [String] description A description of the command.
@param [Hash] options The optional configuration parameters.
@option options [Boolean] :keep_retval Whether or not to use return value
  of the block for return of `command` or just to return `nil`
  (the default).
@option options [Boolean] :interpolate Whether string #{} based
  interpolation is applied to the command arguments before
  executing the command. Defaults to true.
@option options [String] :listing The listing name of the
  command. That is the name by which the command is looked up by
  help and by show-source. Necessary for commands with regex matches.
@option options [Boolean] :use_prefix Whether the command uses
  `Pry.config.command_prefix` prefix (if one is defined). Defaults
  to true.
@option options [Boolean] :shellwords Whether the command's arguments
  should be split using Shellwords instead of just split on spaces.
  Defaults to true.
@yield The action to perform. The parameters in the block
  determines the parameters the command will receive. All
  parameters passed into the block will be strings. Successive
  command parameters are separated by whitespace at the Pry prompt.
  MyCommands = do
    command "greet", "Greet somebody" do |name|
      puts "Good afternoon #{name.capitalize}!"

  # From pry:
  # pry(main)> pry_instance.commands = MyCommands
  # pry(main)> greet john
  # Good afternoon John!
  # pry(main)> help greet
  # Greet somebody
@example Regexp command
  MyCommands = do
      /number-(\d+)/, "number-N regex command", :listing => "number"
    ) do |num, name|
      puts "hello #{name}, nice number: #{num}"

  # From pry:
  # pry(main)> pry_instance.commands = MyCommands
  # pry(main)> number-10 john
  # hello john, nice number: 10
  # pry(main)> help number
  # number-N regex command
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