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Declares a queue. The optional `queue` parameter is used to set the name.
If set to an empty string (default), the server will assign a name.

Besides the queue name, the following options can be used:

## Options

  * `:durable` - If set, keeps the Queue between restarts of the broker.
    Defaults to `false`.
  * `:auto_delete` - If set, deletes the Queue once all subscribers disconnect.
    Defaults to `false`.
  * `:exclusive` - If set, only one subscriber can consume from the Queue.
    Defaults to `false`.
  * `:passive` - If set, raises an error unless the queue already exists.
    Defaults to `false`.
  * `:no_wait` - If set, the declare operation is asynchronous. Defaults to
  * `:arguments` - A list of arguments to pass when declaring (of type `t:AMQP.arguments/0`).
    See the README for more information. Defaults to `[]`.
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