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Registers a queue consumer process. The `pid` of the process can be set using
the `consumer_pid` argument and defaults to the calling process.

The consumer process will receive the following data structures:

  * `{:basic_deliver, payload, meta}` - This is sent for each message consumed, where `payload` contains the message content and `meta` contains all the metadata set when sending with Basic.publish or additional info set by the broker;
  * `{:basic_consume_ok, %{consumer_tag: consumer_tag}}` - Sent when the consumer process is registered with Basic.consume. The caller receives the same information as the return of Basic.consume;
  * `{:basic_cancel, %{consumer_tag: consumer_tag, no_wait: no_wait}}` - Sent by the broker when the consumer is unexpectedly cancelled (such as after a queue deletion)
  * `{:basic_cancel_ok, %{consumer_tag: consumer_tag}}` - Sent to the consumer process after a call to Basic.cancel

## Options

  * `:consumer_tag` - Specifies the consumer tag for this consumer (as a string).
    This tag is local to the given channel `chan`, so different channels can have
    consumers that use the same consumer tag. If the given consumer tag is `""`,
    then the server autogenerates the tag. Defaults to `""`.
  * `:no_local` - If set, the server won't send messages to the connection
    that published them. Defaults to `false`.
  * `:no_ack` - If set, the server will not expect message acks from the consumer and
    will consider every message that it believes was delivered to the consumer as
    acknowledged. Defaults to `false`, meaning that messages need to be acked
    explicitly through `ack/3`.
  * `:exclusive` - If set, requests exclusive consumer access, meaning that only
    this consumer can consume from the given `queue`. Note that the client cannot
    have exclusive access to a queue that already has consumers.
  * `:no_wait` - If set, the consume operation is asynchronous. Defaults to
  * `:arguments` - A list of arguments to pass when consuming (of type `t:AMQP.arguments/0`).
    See the README for more information. Defaults to `[]`.
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