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Dispatches `Phoenix.Socket.Message` to a channel.

All serialized, remote client messages should be deserialized and
forwarded through this function by adapters.

The following returns must be handled by transports:

  * `:noreply` - Nothing to be done by the transport
  * `{:reply, reply}` - The reply to be sent to the client
  * `{:joined, channel_pid, reply}` - The channel was joined
    and the reply must be sent as result
  * `{:error, reason, reply}` - An error occurred and the reply
    must be sent as result

## Parameter filtering on join

When logging parameters, Phoenix can filter out sensitive parameters
such as passwords and tokens. Parameters to be filtered can be added
via the `:filter_parameters` option:

    config :phoenix, :filter_parameters, ["password", "secret"]

With the configuration above, Phoenix will filter any parameter
that contains the terms `password` or `secret`. The match is
case sensitive.

Phoenix's default is `["password"]`.
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.