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This is the documentation for the Phoenix project.

By default, Phoenix applications depend on the following packages:

  * [Ecto]( - a language integrated query and
    database wrapper

  * [Phoenix]( - the Phoenix web framework
    (these docs)

  * [Phoenix.js](js) - Phoenix Channels JavaScript client

  * [Phoenix PubSub]( - a distributed
    pub/sub system with presence support

  * [Phoenix HTML]( - conveniences for
    working with HTML in Phoenix

  * [Plug]( - a specification and conveniences
    for composable modules in between web applications

  * [Gettext]( - Internationalization and
    localization through [`gettext`](

There are also optional packages depending on your configuration:

  * [Phoenix PubSub Redis]( - use
    Redis to power the Phoenix PubSub system
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