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Creates a new Ecto project within an umbrella project.

This task is intended to create a bare Ecto project without
web integration, which serves as a core application of your
domain for web applications and your greater umbrella
platform to integrate with.

It expects the name of the project as an argument.

    $ cd my_umbrella/apps
    $ mix phx.new.ecto APP [--module MODULE] [--app APP]

A project at the given APP directory will be created. The
application name and module name will be retrieved
from the application name, unless `--module` or `--app` is given.

## Options

  * `--app` - the name of the OTP application

  * `--module` - the name of the base module in
    the generated skeleton

  * `--database` - specify the database adapter for Ecto. One of:

      * `postgres` (https://github.com/elixir-ecto/postgrex)
      * `mysql` (https://github.com/xerions/mariaex)
      * `mssql` (https://github.com/findmypast-oss/mssqlex)

    Please check the driver docs, between parentheses, for more information
    and requirements. Defaults to "postgres".

  * `--binary-id` - use `binary_id` as primary key type
    in Ecto schemas

## Examples

    mix phx.new.ecto hello_ecto

Is equivalent to:

    mix phx.new.ecto hello_ecto --module HelloEcto
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