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Performs content negotiation based on the available formats.

It receives a connection, a list of formats that the server
is capable of rendering and then proceeds to perform content
negotiation based on the request information. If the client
accepts any of the given formats, the request proceeds.

If the request contains a "format" parameter, it is
considered to be the format desired by the client. If no
"format" parameter is available, this function will parse
the "accept" header and find a matching format accordingly.

It is important to notice that browsers have historically
sent bad accept headers. For this reason, this function will
default to "html" format whenever:

  * the accepted list of arguments contains the "html" format

  * the accept header specified more than one media type preceeded
    or followed by the wildcard media type "`*/*`"

This function raises `Phoenix.NotAcceptableError`, which is rendered
with status 406, whenever the server cannot serve a response in any
of the formats expected by the client.

## Examples

`accepts/2` can be invoked as a function:

    iex> accepts(conn, ["html", "json"])

or used as a plug:

    plug :accepts, ["html", "json"]
    plug :accepts, ~w(html json)
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