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Renders a collection.

A collection is any enumerable of structs. This function
returns the rendered collection in a list:

    render_many users, "show.html"

is roughly equivalent to:, fn user ->
      render(UserView, "show.html", user: user)

When a view is not given, it is automatically inflected
from the given struct. The underlying user is passed to
the view and template as `:user`, which is inflected from
the view name. The name of the key in assigns can be
customized with the `:as` option:

    render_many users, "show.html", as: :data

is roughly equivalent to:, fn user ->
      render(UserView, "show.html", data: user)

Overall, this function has four signatures:

    render_many(collection, template)
    render_many(collection, template, assigns)
    render_many(collection, view, template)
    render_many(collection, view, template, assigns)
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