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This is a wrapper around Rails' `ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder#fields_for`, originally
provided to ensure that the `:builder` from `semantic_form_for` was passed down into
the nested `fields_for`. Our supported versions of Rails no longer require us to do this,
so this method is provided purely for backwards compatibility and DSL consistency.

When constructing a `fields_for` form fragment *outside* of `semantic_form_for`, please use

@see ActionView::Helpers::FormBuilder#fields_for
@see ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper#fields_for
@see Formtastic::Helpers::FormHelper#semantic_fields_for

  <% semantic_form_for @post do |post| %>
    <% post.semantic_fields_for :author do |author| %>
      <% author.inputs :name %>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>

  <form ...>
    <fieldset class="inputs">
        <li class="string"><input type='text' name='post[author][name]' id='post_author_name' /></li>

@todo is there a way to test the params structure of the Rails helper we wrap to ensure forward compatibility?
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.