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This model manage the {Happening} {Ticket} for each {User}
=== Relations
belongs to {Happening}
belongs to {User}
=== Validates
* presence of {Happening}
* presence of {User}
* presence of {seats}
* numericality of {seats}
* total seats are minor to {Happening.max_seats}
=== after save
* update {Happening.seats_count} with {Happening.update_seats_count!}

@!attribute [rw] id
  @return [Integer] unique identifier for {Ticket}
@!attribute [rw] happening_id
  @return [Integer] identifier of related {Happening}
@!attribute [rw] user_id
  @return [Integer] identifier of related {User}
@!attribute [rw] seats
  @return [Integer] number of seats for this {Ticket}
@!attribute [rw] created_at
  @return [DateTime] when the record was created
@!attribute [rw] updated_at
  @return [DateTime] when the record was created
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