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This model manage the happenings for each {Fact}
=== Relations
belongs to {Fact}
has many {Ticket}
=== Validates
* presence of {Fact}
* presence of {start_at}

@!attribute [rw] id
  @return [Integer] unique identifier for {Happening}
@!attribute [rw] fact_id
  @return [Integer] identifier of related {Fact}
@!attribute [rw] title
  @return [String] Is an optional description for {Happening}
@!attribute [rw] start_at
  @return [DateTime] when the {Happening} start
@!attribute [rw] stop_sale_at
  @return [DateTime] since {Ticket} can no longer be sold
@!attribute [rw] max_seats_for_ticket
  @return [Integer] Max seats for each ticket, default is 1
@!attribute [rw] max_seats
  @return [integer] number of seats for the {Happening}. If is null hasn't limit
@!attribute [rw] ticketss_count
  @return [Integer] counter cache for {Ticket}
@!attribute [rw] seats_count
  @return [Integer] counter cache of sum of {Ticket.seats}
@!attribute [rw] created_at
  @return [DateTime] when the record was created
@!attribute [rw] updated_at
  @return [DateTime] when the record was updated

@!method self.future()
  @return [Array] list of [Fact] with stop_on egual or greather than Time.zone.today, ordered by pinnes asc, stop_on asc
@!method self.history()
  @return [Array] list of [Fact] with stop_on minor than Time.zone.today, ordered by start_on desc
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