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/** Use to show activity values of the act model using a color gradient, for
* cells in the grid of cellkind "kind". The constraint holding the activity
* values can be supplied as an argument. Otherwise, the current CPM is
* searched for the first registered activity constraint and that is then
* used.
* @param {CellKind} kind - Integer specifying the cellkind to color.
* If negative, draw values for all cellkinds.
* @param {ActivityConstraint|ActivityMultiBackground} [A] - the constraint
* object to use, which must be of class {@link ActivityConstraint} or
* {@link ActivityMultiBackground} If left unspecified, this is the first
* instance of an ActivityConstraint or ActivityMultiBackground object found
* in the soft_constraints of the attached CPM.
* @param {Function} [col] - a function that returns a color for a number
* in [0,1] as an array of red/green/blue values, for example, [255,0,0]
* would be the color red. If unspecified, a green-to-red heatmap is used.
* */
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