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The notifier handles sending messages to different notifiers. Currently the
following libraries are supported:

* Ruby GNTP
* Growl
* Libnotify
* rb-notifu
* emacs
* Terminal Notifier
* Terminal Title
* Tmux

Please see the documentation of each notifier for more information about
the requirements
and configuration possibilities.

Guard knows four different notification types:

* success
* pending
* failed
* notify

The notification type selection is based on the image option that is
sent to {#notify}. Each image type has its own notification type, and
notifications with custom images goes all sent as type `notify`. The
`gntp` notifier is able to register these types
at Growl and allows customization of each notification type.

Guard can be configured to make use of more than one notifier at once.

@see Guard::Dsl

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