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Shows a system notification.

By default, the Tmux notifier only makes
use of a color based notification, changing the background color of the
`color_location` to the color defined in either the `success`,
`failed`, `pending` or `default`, depending on the notification type.

You may enable an extra explicit message by setting `display_message`
to true, and may further disable the colorization by setting
`change_color` to false.

@param [String] title the notification title
@param [Hash] opts additional notification library options
@option opts [String] type the notification type. Either 'success',
  'pending', 'failed' or 'notify'
@option opts [String] message the notification message body
@option opts [String] image the path to the notification image
@option opts [Boolean] change_color whether to show a color
@option opts [String,Array] color_location the location where to draw
  the color notification
@option opts [Boolean] display_message whether to display a message
  or not
@option opts [Boolean] display_on_all_clients whether to display a
  message on all tmux clients or not
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