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Configures the Guard logger.

* Log level must be either `:debug`, `:info`, `:warn` or `:error`.
* Template supports the following placeholders: `:time`, `:severity`,
  `:progname`, `:pid`, `:unit_of_work_id` and `:message`.
* Time format directives are the same as `Time#strftime` or
* The `:only` and `:except` options must be a `RegExp`.

@example Set the log level
  logger level: :warn

@example Set a custom log template
  logger template: '[Guard - :severity - :progname - :time] :message'

@example Set a custom time format
  logger time_format: '%h'

@example Limit logging to a Guard plugin
  logger only: :jasmine

@example Log all but not the messages from a specific Guard plugin
  logger except: :jasmine

@param [Hash] options the log options
@option options [String, Symbol] level the log level
@option options [String] template the logger template
@option options [String, Symbol] time_format the time format
@option options [Regexp] only show only messages from the matching Guard
@option options [Regexp] except does not show messages from the matching
  Guard plugin
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