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Shows a system notification.

@param [String] type the notification type. Either 'success',
  'pending', 'failed' or 'notify'
@param [String] title the notification title
@param [String] message the notification message body
@param [String] image the path to the notification image
@param [Hash] opts additional notification library options
@option opts [String] success the color to use for success
  notifications (default is 'ForestGreen')
@option opts [String] failed the color to use for failure
  notifications (default is 'Firebrick')
@option opts [String] pending the color to use for pending
@option opts [String] default the default color to use (default is
@option opts [String] client the client to use for notification
  (default is 'emacsclient')
@option opts [String, Integer] priority specify an int or named key
  (default is 0)
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