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Adapter interface to the Cowboy webserver.

## Options

* `:ip` - the ip to bind the server to.
  Must be a tuple in the format `{x, y, z, w}`.

* `:port` - the port to run the server.
  Defaults to 4000 (http) and 4040 (https).

* `:acceptors` - the number of acceptors for the listener.
  Defaults to 100.

* `:max_connections` - max number of connections supported.
  Defaults to `16_384`.

* `:dispatch` - manually configure Cowboy's dispatch.
  If this option is used, the given plug won't be initialized
  nor dispatched to (and doing so becomes the user's responsibility).

* `:ref` - the reference name to be used.
  Defaults to `plug.HTTP` (http) and `plug.HTTPS` (https).
  This is the value that needs to be given on shutdown.

* `:compress` - Cowboy will attempt to compress the response body.
  Defaults to false.

* `:timeout` - Time in ms with no requests before Cowboy closes the connection.
  Defaults to 5000ms.

* `:protocol_options` - Specifies remaining protocol options,
  see [Cowboy protocol docs](

All other options are given to the underlying transport.
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.