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Creates a test connection.

The request `method` and `path` are required arguments. `method` may be any
value that implements `to_string/1` and it will properly converted and
normalized (e.g., `:get` or `"post"`).

The `params_or_body` field must be one of:

* `nil` - meaning there is no body;
* a binary - containing a request body. For such cases, `:headers`
  must be given as option with a content-type;
* a map or list - containing the parameters which will automatically
  set the content-type to multipart. The map or list may contain
  other lists or maps and all entries will be normalized to string

## Examples

    conn(:get, "/foo", "bar=10")
    conn(:post, "/")
    conn("patch", "/", "") |> put_req_header("content-type", "application/json")
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