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A plug to handle session cookies and session stores.

The session is accessed via functions on `Plug.Conn`. Cookies and
session have to be fetched with `Plug.Conn.fetch_session/1` before the
session can be accessed.

Consider using `Plug.CSRFProtection` when using `Plug.Session`.

## Session stores

See `Plug.Session.Store` for the specification session stores are required to

Plug ships with the following session stores:

  * `Plug.Session.ETS`
  * `Plug.Session.COOKIE`

## Options

  * `:store` - session store module (required);
  * `:key` - session cookie key (required);
  * `:domain` - see `Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie/4`;
  * `:max_age` - see `Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie/4`;
  * `:path` - see `Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie/4`;
  * `:secure` - see `Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie/4`;
  * `:http_only` - see `Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie/4`;
  * `:extra` - see `Plug.Conn.put_resp_cookie/4`;

Additional options can be given to the session store, see the store's
documentation for the options it accepts.

## Examples

    plug Plug.Session, store: :ets, key: "_my_app_session", table: :session
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