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A plug for generating a unique request id for each request. A generated
request id will in the format "uq8hs30oafhj5vve8ji5pmp7mtopc08f".

If a request id already exists as the "x-request-id" HTTP request header,
then that value will be used assuming it is between 20 and 200 characters.
If it is not, a new request id will be generated.

The request id is added to the Logger metadata as `:request_id` and the response as
the "x-request-id" HTTP header. To see the request id in your log output,
configure your logger backends to include the `:request_id` metadata:

    config :logger, :console, metadata: [:request_id]

It is recommended to include this metadata configuration in your production
configuration file.

To use it, just plug it into the desired module:

    plug Plug.RequestId

## Options

  * `:http_header` - The name of the HTTP *request* header to check for
    existing request ids. This is also the HTTP *response* header that will be
    set with the request id. Default value is "x-request-id"

      plug Plug.RequestId, http_header: "custom-request-id"
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