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`MessageEncryptor` is a simple way to encrypt values which get stored
somewhere you don't trust.

The encrypted key, initialization vector, cipher text, and cipher tag
are base64url encoded and returned to you.

This can be used in situations similar to the `MessageVerifier`, but where
you don't want users to be able to determine the value of the payload.

## Example

    secret_key_base = "072d1e0157c008193fe48a670cce031faa4e..."
    encrypted_cookie_salt = "encrypted cookie"
    encrypted_signed_cookie_salt = "signed encrypted cookie"

    secret = KeyGenerator.generate(secret_key_base, encrypted_cookie_salt)
    sign_secret = KeyGenerator.generate(secret_key_base, encrypted_signed_cookie_salt)

    data = "José"
    encrypted = MessageEncryptor.encrypt(data, secret, sign_secret)
    decrypted = MessageEncryptor.decrypt(encrypted, secret, sign_secret)
    decrypted # => {:ok, "José"}
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