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A belongs_to association.

## Create

A new struct of the associated model can be created with `struct/2`.

    defmodule Comment do
      use Ecto.Model

      schema "comments" do
        belongs_to :post, Post

    comment = %Comment{} 
    struct(, []) #=> %Post{}

## Reflection

Any association module will generate the `__assoc__` function that can be
used for runtime introspection of the association.

* `__assoc__(:loaded, assoc)` - Returns the loaded entities or `:not_loaded`;
* `__assoc__(:loaded, value, assoc)` - Sets the loaded entities;
* `__assoc__(:target, assoc)` - Returns the model where the association was
* `__assoc__(:name, assoc)` - Returns the name of the association field on the
* `__assoc__(:new, name, target)` - Creates a new association with the given
                                    name and target;
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