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Runs the pending migrations for the given repository.

By default, migrations are expected at "priv/YOUR_REPO/migrations"
directory of the current application but it can be configured
by specify the `:priv` key under the repository configuration.

Runs all pending migrations by default. To migrate up
to a version number, supply `--to version_number`.
To migrate up a specific number of times, use `--step n`.

## Examples

    mix ecto.migrate
    mix ecto.migrate -r Custom.Repo

    mix ecto.migrate -n 3
    mix ecto.migrate --step 3

    mix ecto.migrate -v 20080906120000
    mix ecto.migrate --to 20080906120000

## Command line options

  * `-r`, `--repo` - the repo to migrate (defaults to `YourApp.Repo`)
  * `--all` - run all pending migrations
  * `--step` / `-n` - run n number of pending migrations
  * `--to` / `-v` - run all migrations up to and including version
  * `--no-start` - do not start applications
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