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This module lists all functions allowed in the query API.

  * Comparison operators: `==`, `!=`, `<=`, `>=`, `<`, `>`
  * Boolean operators: `and`, `or`, `not`
  * Inclusion operator: `in/2`
  * Search functions: `like/2` and `ilike/2`
  * Null check functions: `is_nil/1`
  * Aggregates: `count/1`, `avg/1`, `sum/1`, `min/1`, `max/1`
  * Date/time intervals: `datetime_add/3`, `date_add/3`
  * General: `fragment/1`, `field/2` and `type/2`

Note the functions in this module exist for documentation
purposes and one should never need to invoke them directly.
Furthermore, it is possible to define your own macros and
use them in Ecto queries.
No suggestions.
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.