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Adapter module for PostgreSQL.

It uses `postgrex` for communicating to the database
and a connection pool, such as `poolboy`.

## Features

  * Full query support (including joins, preloads and associations)
  * Support for transactions
  * Support for data migrations
  * Support for ecto.create and ecto.drop operations
  * Support for transactional tests via `Ecto.Adapters.SQL`

## Options

Postgres options split in different categories described
below. All options should be given via the repository

### Compile time options

Those options should be set in the config file and require
recompilation in order to make an effect.

  * `:adapter` - The adapter name, in this case, `Ecto.Adapters.Postgres`
  * `:pool` - The connection pool module, defaults to `Ecto.Adapters.Poolboy`
  * `:timeout` - The default timeout to use on queries, defaults to `5000`
  * `:log_level` - The level to use when logging queries (default: `:debug`)

### Connection options

  * `:hostname` - Server hostname
  * `:port` - Server port (default: 5432)
  * `:username` - Username
  * `:password` - User password
  * `:parameters` - Keyword list of connection parameters
  * `:ssl` - Set to true if ssl should be used (default: false)
  * `:ssl_opts` - A list of ssl options, see Erlang's `ssl` docs
  * `:connect_timeout` - The timeout for establishing new connections (default: 5000)
  * `:extensions` - Specify extensions to the postgres adapter

### Pool options

All pools should support the following options and can support other options,
see `Ecto.Adapters.Poolboy`.

  * `:size` - The number of connections to keep in the pool (default: 10)

### Storage options

  * `:encoding` - the database encoding (default: "UTF8")
  * `:template` - the template to create the database from
  * `:lc_collate` - the collation order
  * `:lc_ctype` - the character classification
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