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Models are Elixir modules with Ecto-specific behaviour.

This module provides some convenience functions for working
with models.

## Using

When used, this module works as an "umbrella" module that adds
a bunch of functionality to your module:

  * `Ecto.Model.Schema` - provides the API necessary to define schemas;
  * `Ecto.Model.Callbacks` - provides lifecycle callbacks;
  * `Ecto.Model.Validations` - helpers for validations;

By using `Ecto.Model` all the functionality above is included
and both `Ecto.Model` and `Ecto.Query` modules are imported.
However, you can avoid using `Ecto.Model` altogether in favor
of cherry picking the functionality above.

## Importing

You may want to import this module in contexts where you are
working with different models. For example, in a web application,
you may want to import this module into your plugs to provide
conveniences for assigning, building and accessing model information.
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