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Runs the pending migrations for the given repository.

Migrations are expected to be found inside the migrations
directory returned by the priv function defined in the

Runs all pending migrations by default. To migrate up
to a version number, supply `--to version_number`.
To migrate up a specific number of times, use `--step n`.

## Command line options

* `--all` - run all pending migrations
* `--step` / `-n` - run n number of pending migrations
* `--to` / `-v` - run all migrations up to and including version
* `--no-start` - do not start applications

## Examples

    mix ecto.migrate MyApp.Repo

    mix ecto.migrate MyApp.Repo -n 3
    mix ecto.migrate MyApp.Repo --step 3

    mix ecto.migrate MyApp.Repo -v 20080906120000
    mix ecto.migrate MyApp.Repo --to 20080906120000
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