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Stop parsing of options as soon as an unknown option or a regular
argument is encountered.  All remaining arguments are passed to the command.
This is useful if you have a command that can receive arbitrary additional
options, and where those additional options should not be handled by

==== Example

To better understand how this is useful, let's consider a command that calls
an external command.  A user may want to pass arbitrary options and
arguments to that command.  The command itself also accepts some options,
which should be handled by Bundler::Thor.

  class_option "verbose",  :type => :boolean
  stop_on_unknown_option! :exec
  check_unknown_options!  :except => :exec

  desc "exec", "Run a shell command"
  def exec(*args)
    puts "diagnostic output" if options[:verbose]

Here +exec+ can be called with +--verbose+ to get diagnostic output,

  $ thor exec --verbose echo foo
  diagnostic output

But if +--verbose+ is given after +echo+, it is passed to +echo+ instead:

  $ thor exec echo --verbose foo
  --verbose foo

==== Parameters
Symbol ...:: A list of commands that should be affected.
Please help! Open an issue on GitHub if this assessment is incorrect.