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Injects the given content into a file. Different from gsub_file, this
method is reversible.

==== Parameters
destination<String>:: Relative path to the destination root
data<String>:: Data to add to the file. Can be given as a block.
config<Hash>:: give :verbose => false to not log the status and the flag
               for injection (:after or :before) or :force => true for
               insert two or more times the same content.

==== Examples

  insert_into_file "config/environment.rb", "config.gem :thor", :after => "Rails::Initializer.run do |config|\n"

  insert_into_file "config/environment.rb", :after => "Rails::Initializer.run do |config|\n" do
    gems = ask "Which gems would you like to add?"
    gems.split(" ").map{ |gem| "  config.gem :#{gem}" }.join("\n")
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