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Specify columns to typograf
@overload typograf(column_name, options = {})
  Typograf only specified column with specified or default options
  @example typograf column with default options
    typograf :content # will typograf +content+ with default AlsTypograf options
  @example typograf column with custom options
    typograf :title, use_br: false # will typograf +title+ without replacing +\n+ with <br />
  @param [String, Symbol] column_name name of the column to typograf
  @param [Hash] options ({}) custom options to {AlsTypograf.process} method
@overload typograf(column1, column2, ..., options = {})
  Typograf every specified columns with default options
  @example typograf columns with common custom options
    typograf :skills, :achievements, :description, encoding: 'CP1251'
  @param [String, Symbol] column1 first column name
  @param [String, Symbol] column2 next column name
  @param [String, Symbol] ... specify all columns, you need
  @param [Hash] options ({}) options to {AlsTypograf.process} method for all specified fields
@overload typograf(columns_with_options)
  Typograf specified columns with specified options
  @example typograf specified columns with specified options
    typograf foo: {use_br: false}, bar: {use_p: false}
  @param [Hash{Symbol => Hash}] columns_with_options column names with correspond options to {AlsTypograf#process} method
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