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A ObservationMatrixRow is a row in an Observation matrix representing an Otu or a CollectionObject

@!attribute observation_matrix_id 
  @return [Integer] 
    id of the matrix the row is in 

@!attribute otu_id 
  @return [Integer, nil]
    id of the OTU or nil

@!attribute collection_object_id
  @return [Integer, nil] id of the collecton_object or nil

@!attribute reference_count
  Indicates the total number of times this row is referened via some row_item
  @return [Integer]  

@!attribute cached_observation_matrix_row_item_id
  @return [Integer] if the column item is derived from a ::Single::<FOO> subclass, the id of that instance

@!attribute name 
  @return [String, nil]  
    TEMPORARY value. Allows for a temporary generated/custom name for the row, useful for example when generating labels for phylogenetic trees.
    This value is NOT persisted and NOT intended for provenance purposes, it is strictly utilitarian.  Consider using custom OTUs to track provenance.

@!attribute position
  @return [Integer] from acts as list
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