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AlternateValue(s) are annotations on an object or object attribute. Use only when the annotations are related
to the same thing. (e.g. Hernán vs. Hernan, NOT Bean Books (publisher1) vs. Dell Books (publisher2))

If you want the annotation to be community wide and it's a valid target use `is_community_annotation: true`.

@!attribute value
  @return [String]
  the annotated value

@!attribute type
  @return [String]
  the annotated type

@!attribute alternate_value_object_attribute
  @return [String]
   the attribute (column) that this is an alternate value for

@!attribute attribute_value_object_id
  @return [Integer]
  the ID of the thing being annotated

@!attribute alternate_value_object_type
  @return [String]
  the kind of thing being annotated

@!attribute language_id
  @return [Integer]
  the ID of the language used for translation

@!attribute project_id
  @return [Integer]
  the project ID
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