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A Taxon determination is an assertion that a collection object belongs to a taxonomic *concept*.

If you wish to capture verbatim determinations then they should be added to CollectionObject#buffered_determinations,
i.e. TaxonDeterminations are fully "normalized".

@!attribute biological_collection_object_id
  @return [Integer]
  BiologicalCollectionObject, the object being determined

@!attribute otu_id
  @return [Integer]
  the OTU (concept) of the determination

@!attribute position
  @return [Integer]
    for acts_as_list, !! the determinations with the smallest position is the current/preferred determination,
    i.e. the one that you want to be seen for the collection object, it is NOT necessarily the most recent
    determination made

@!attribute project_id
  @return [Integer]
  the project ID

@!attribute year_made
  @return [Integer]
    the 4 digit year the determination was made

@!attribute month_made
  @return [Integer]
    the month the determination was made

@!attribute day_made
  @return [Integer]
  the day of the month the determination was made
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