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A SqedDepiction identifies a depiction as sqed (https://github.com/SpeciesFileGroup/sqed) parsable, and
records the metadata required for parsing a stage image.

@!attribute boundary_color
  @return [Symbol]
  Color of the boundaries in the image, default/recommendation is green.

@!attribute boundary_finder
  @return [String]
  Name of the sqed BoundaryFinder class to use, e.g. 'Sqed::BoundaryFinder::ColorLineFinder'

@!attribute has_border
  @return [Boolean]
    True if the stage image has a border than needs to be detected

@!attribute layout
  @return [Symbol]
  The Sqed layout, like :cross, :equal_cross, :vertical_offset_cross, :internal_box etc.

@!attribute metadata_map
  @return [Hash]
  The sqed metadata map, e.g. {0 => :curator_metadata, 1 => :identifier, 2 => :image_registration, 3 => :annotated_specimen }.

@!attribute specimen_coordinates
  @return [Hash]
   Not presently used, the specific coordinates bounding the specimen(s) only

@!attribute result_boundaries
  @return [Hash]
   A cache for the result

@!attribute result_ocr
  @return [Hash]
   A cache for the ocr result
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