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A GeographicItem is one and only one of [point, line_string, polygon, multi_point, multi_line_string,
multi_polygon, geometry_collection] which describes a position, path, or area on the globe, generally associated
with a geographic_area (through a geographic_area_geographic_item entry), and sometimes only with a georeference.

@!attribute point
  @return [RGeo::Geographic::ProjectedPointImpl]

@!attribute line_string
  @return [RGeo::Geographic::ProjectedLineStringImpl]

@!attribute polygon
  @return [RGeo::Geographic::ProjectedPolygonImpl]

@!attribute multi_point
  @return [RGeo::Geographic::ProjectedMultiPointImpl]

@!attribute multi_line_string
  @return [RGeo::Geographic::ProjectedMultiLineStringImpl]

@!attribute multi_polygon
  @return [RGeo::Geographic::ProjectedMultiPolygonImpl]

@!attribute type
  @return [String]
    Rails STI, determines the geography column as well
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