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A GeneAttribute defines an attribute that must be matched for a Sequence to be classified as a Descriptor::Gene.
There are two key attributes, sequence, and sequence relationship.  A GeneAttribute will return all sequences
who are the object of a taxon name relationship whose subject is Sequence and whose Type is #sequence_relationship_type

@!attribute descriptor_id
  @return [Integer]
     the descriptor id (Gene) that this attribute defines

@!attribute sequence_id
  @return [Integer]
     the sequence id (Gene), defines the nucleotides in the attribute

@!attribute sequence_relationship_type
  @return [String]
     a SequenceRelationship#type, defines how the sequence was used in this attribute

! Deprecated?
@!attribute controlled_vocabulary_term_id
  @return [Integer]
     not yet implemented, intent/idea is to define a subclass of CVT that represents GO terms.

@!attribute project_id
  @return [Integer]
  the project ID
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