Documentation badges for Ruby, JS & Elixir

Thanks to Travis, the community champions testing.

Thanks to Code Climate, we refactor constantly.

But there is no way to lint and show off your inline docs. Until now.

Simply type your GitHub username/reponame

Let's raise the visibility of code documentation in Ruby, JS & Elixir!

Because better inline docs mean easier contribution and more collaboration!

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# Goals of this project

1 Raising awareness for visibility.

Documentation is often neglected, although I think it is the art of Copywriting for Hackers!

2 Providing badges for visibility.

I believe badges are a great way to raise awareness and they are able to give a quick overview.

3 Do not obsess about numbers.

Inch is not about coverage in the traditional sense.

There are no meaningful differences between 68.2% and 74% docs coverage.

So, instead of numbers, we show you a bar. Get a decent chunk of green and you are fine.

You can add your own projects via GitHub: